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Noises in the knee are hard to interpret. It might as you say just be the added workload. Note that plicae - when they are present - are often present in both knees.
There is a new 'micro-arthroscopy' tool called 'Mi-Eye' where docs can look into your knee in their consulting room under local anaesthesia - just for cases like yours to check what the meniscus is doing (eg if it is the cause of the restriction in motion). Perhaps you could ask if they have one?
These people may be able to give you an opinion
I live in the West Yorkshire region.

I’ve been undergoing rehab with an NHS physio. I have also been doing Pilates (using machines), but I usually get a reaction afterwards.

I have thought about getting a second opinion. I can’t afford an ACL replacement, but maybe thought I could pay to get the meniscus damaged operated on, and let the NHS OS sort the ACL out?
Doesn’t sound as bad as some areas. Where are you?

Can you go private perhaps if you would rather have the ACL reconstructed? If you’re fit, healthy and prepared to commit to 6-12 months of rehab and have no medical conditions or pre disposition to scar tissue there shouldn’t really be a reason for not going down the ACLr route...unless your local CCG won’t find given your age which would be unusual. Is the surgeon an ACLr expert? How many does Ge do annually? Does he offer the op privately?

Are you working with a sports Physio to try to get some more function (usually need to go private to get solid ongoing treatment)
Thank you for the reply.

It was an NHS OS that I saw back in July. 

The knee is a bit unstable at the moment. The current waiting time for surgery in my area is 21 weeks  :-X

NHS or private? I know several people in the U.K. who’ve had ACL recon at 50 or beyond in the U.K.

Can you get a second opinion, even if privately (from a surgeon with an NHS practice too)? Waiting lists on NHS for ACL probably 6-12 months from what I’ve read.

If you’ve had a bucket handle tear why do you think you wouldn’t get full extension if you get it trimmed (unlikely they’d be able to stitch at 50 as the tissue is likely degenerate due to your age). If the meniscus tissue is stuck in the joint, surgery probably unavoidable. Leaving it may well lead to more damage.

Is your knee unstable due to the lack of ACL

Good luck
Hi, I’m a first time poster from the UK looking for advice.

I injured my knee in May whilst playing football. My MRI has suggested
that I have damage to my medial meniscus and a rupture to my ACL.

I am unable to flex my knee beyond 90 degrees and I have got a 5 degrees lag on extension. My knee cracks all the time, and I get occasional locking and have permanent inflammation of the medial meniscus area.

My OS has said that I am now at the upper age limit (I am 50 next September) for an ACL reconstruction, due to potential Arthrofibrosis problems etc.

 I am totally frustrated with my situation, as he has stated that unless I have full flexion by the time of the operation he will not replace my ACL, and it will then be just a case of repairing the meniscus and removing the ruptured ACL.

Although he never specified (and I was not too informed at the time) my syptoms suggest that I have got a Bucket Handle Tear of the meniscus?! So, in all likelihood I’m never gonna achieve full flexion by the time of my op, whatever rehab I do?

The patello-femoral joint / Re: Recurrant patella dislocations and surgical questions.
« Last post by cmteed on September 24, 2018, 08:12:38 PM »
Hi there, I'm 3 weeks post surgery so early days. With meds the pain is controlled (paracetamol, tramadol..) And I stopped taking pain relief probably after 1.5 weeks.

Generally speaking it's not been easy and I still have a tough recovery ahead. But coming from a similar medical history to yourself, I honestly thought I had no other option than becoming more and more arthritic, and waiting for a very early knee replacement (I'm 27). Looking at my knee now, I'm amazed at my kneecap being settled into the front of the joint (my left kneecap is still a bug eye, looking to the left!).

You can only go what feels right for you but personally, I thought it was worth a go to save and preserve my natural knee. I couldn't do much pre op so I had not much to lose! I'll also be getting my left done when I can.

Hope that adds to your food for thought...

Thank you for your reply. I am scheduled for Oct 19th. I am hopeful that this will be the answer to my long history of knee dislocations. Trying to plan for the worse and hope for the best :)
I live in France, although I am originally from the U.K. healthcare is amazing, but I am just stuck with Arthritis as a diagnosis! Told I will eventually need TKR but in many years time as I am not that bad! As I have not been able to walk without crutches for nearly a year, I am not sure how bad I have to be!
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