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Let May 22, 2018 be the day that I have walked the full length of the hall back to my office at work doing full weight on my rt qt!

Not stopping, and fully walking the entire way. It has taken me 1 year and 9 months to reach this point, and I am finally HERE!

Now when I say fully walking I do mean with my cane. But, I am barely putting any weight on it as I do the exercise.

I'm finally walking with full weight on my right quad tendon. It's FINALLY COMING BACK!

Those might be ok if the ACL is stretched or torn, however the lateral movement from kicking might be exacerbating the issue. The ACL stabilises the knee. There’s a great Cruciate ligament primer in the learning portfolio on this site
GENERAL KNEE QUESTIONS and comments (good for new threads) / Re: Mcl acl
« Last post by rob43 on Today at 11:03:54 AM »
Only thing I've had done to this knee before was petella ten on inflammation and lateral ligament made longer as it was pulling knee cap but that was 15 years ago nothing since even now doing day to day stuff and running cycling weights all fine
As stated before it's just the kicking
Sounds good that you can bike that much without much pain, and that you also have more or less pain free days! Weird that the patella is not tracking right though...well, I guess you have to just wait and see what Shetty says at your follow-up. Let's hope everything is ok!

One thing that came to my mind, have TTO or TTT ever been considered in your case?
Sadly there’s no way for anyone  - surgeon, physio, etc.- to know for sure what’s in there without an MRI. No matter how amazingly good they are!

There’s a reverse to my recent negative story as well - I had a previous scare a few years back after another ski fall. An Austrian orthopaedist and an NHS consultant, as well as an NHS physio, all diagnosed an ACL tear after doing tests. It wasn’t. The MRI just showed minor cartilage damage.
So here’s hoping for good MRI news for you!
General rehab issues and pain problems / Re: How to keep flexion?
« Last post by LisaWilliams38 on Today at 05:09:42 AM »
First, I'm sorry you're still struggling with your flexion. I fully understand the frustration and work it takes to get there and stay there.  ;)

Without getting too in depth, I had ACI surgery in Dec. '15 and developed severe arthrofibrosis. After a lysis of adhesions in March '16, plus an MUA  8 days later, I finally began gaining and keeping "my bend", though it definitely took awhile.

I didn't gain full flexion for 3 more months (mid-June) and only with a good warm-up. My PT had me doing a full 20 minutes of bending stretches DAILY---I didn't miss a single day. :(  This consisted of 3, 2-minute belt pulls (lying on my stomach) to stretch my quad tendon; then 3, 2-minute belt pulls on my back, trying to pull my heel as close to my butt as possible;  finishing with 2, 5-minute wall slides ---all of which added up to ~20 minutes of sustained bending. It then took another 6 months to achieve almost full flexion with NO warm-up (that would have been Dec. 2016). In those last 2-3 months before Christmas, I was doing my usual stretches 2 times a week and could get by with biking for 5-10 minutes and doing just 2 of the 5-minute wall slides.

Even now, my maintenance routine is to do 2, 5-minute wall slides at least one day a week. I usually do it after I've done a normal leg workout or gone for a 10-15 minute walk---just something to warm the knee a bit.

Lastly, keep in mind my situation was exacerbated by having 4 previous surgeries on that knee and never gaining full flexion back after the 4th scope back in 2013. Thus, by the time my ACI battle began, we were already  working with a "junk" knee overall.

Second, the way my wonderful PT explained it to me (and I did my work to find an awesome one this time around!!!)  is I will ALWAYS-ALWAYS-ALWAYS have a lot of scar tissue in this knee, and any further surgery will cause a repeat. :( I will avoid further surgery if possible until we replace this knee.  The goal is to keep my scar tissue highly flexible, which is totally doable if one doesn't give up and just hope "it sticks" finally.

The sucky part is I was told to do wall slides and belt pulls at least once a week, every week, until it eventually is replaced in 6-7 yrs (the length of time we expect my ACI to last). I'm supposed to do a lot of cycling and loads of quad strengthening, never  letting my exercise regime get set in stone....I have to keep changing things up and keeping my knee/leg surprised. :)

Not to be negative, but this month was a setback, and I have no idea what the future holds. I had to have a Microfracture procedure with Biocartilage on my OTHER knee 7 days ago, as it began falling apart a few years back. By early May, I couldn't bend or straighten the left knee, so surgery was a must. I am 6-wks zero weight-bearing again, and my "bad" knee from the 2015 ACI surgery is taking all of this weight/work. I can't work out or stretch it like I'm supposed to.  I see my wonderful PT again tomorrow to start this new rehab, and I'll see what he thinks we can do to protect the "bad" right knee. I can just see the scar tissue hardening up in there, limiting my range of motion, speeding up my future knee replacement.

It doesn't pay to borrow trouble though, so we'll see what the next few months bring.  ::)

Ugh, somehow all of my post got deleted.  Here we go again...

Nic: I hope your recovery is continuing to go well.  It is nice to know that someone out there that you don't know cares about your injury.  If you ever need someone additional to talk to, don't hesitate to send me message. 

I am really struggling mentally with this.  I am a very anxious person, and my anxiety is off the charts.  I am hoping that the new doctor gives me the option to conservatively treat this.  It has gotten a lot better over the past month, and I am able to do a straight leg raise now with no pain.  I am trying not to overdo anything until I hear from the doctor.  He is a surgeon too, so I'm hoping he will at least give me other options.  If I have to have surgery, I'll probably need to get some kind of mood stabilizer to help me through it initially.  I am already ready to give up sports that require a lot of jumping just because I don't want to go through this again.

I was actually watching some of Kyle's videos online the other day.  Funny that you mention him.  He seems like a nice guy.  How do you suggest I reach out to him?

I'll let you know what my doctor says tomorrow.  Cross your fingers for me.
Hi Megan,

Unfortunately I can't really help you with your issues because I have no experience with those problems. I just want you to know you're not alone. I recently started a thread here outlining my problem and have dealth with a painfully swollen knee over a year now. I was told about a month ago that the swelling in my knee is permanent, though I'm trying to stay positive and keep improving my leg and have seen some slight improvement which makes me hopeful.

It sounds like you've been through a very stressful time with your knee. It really sucks and I wish there was much easier options to take care of our problems. Sometimes I ask myself why can't I be one of those healthy people who never have a problem with their knee even in old age. But we have to remember nobody is perfect and everyone has some sort of problem they deal with. The excruciating pain, the swelling, the stress of whether I'll ever be normal again and the crazy mood swings, it eats you away mentally. I've been there. I still feel that way at times. I'm 25 years old and yet sometimes I feel like I'm 60.

I know it's very disheartening right now, but I do believe with time we will improve. Just try to stay hopeful and not let this problem get you down too much. It's just a setback in life, and like they say, a setback is a setup for a comeback.

There are plenty of people here for you and I do hope some respond with answers to your problems. I also hope that you have more options than just trying to mask pain (the cortisone shot). What has your doctor said about doing that MRI you requested? Hopefully you've got a good doctor who will actually listen to you and fix your knee problems for good.
When I kept exercising on my damaged knee, my body reacted with CRPS (knee looked blue, was swollen and ultra-sensitive) and building up scar tissue...

Hi Jackson,

Ouch. That sounds horrible. I'm happy it went away for you. That must of been an extremely long, stressful, and painful year for you.

Yeah I do hope mine will calm down sooner than that! I just hope the doctor isn't right about what swelling I have left being permanent. I continue to have a lot of pain and can't do the things I used to be so passionate about. I guess only time will tell.

About your reply on the edible, the reaction was something I've never experienced before. But the thing is I've never truly enjoyed being blazed. Most people tell me they get this calming, euphoric experience with it. Unfortunately for me, I get really bad panic attacks and anxiety. The only time I might like smoking is when it's been a rough day and I put an extremely small bit of of it in a bowl, not even a full hit's worth and puff on that. And only if I've got plenty to eat with that as well.  ;D

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying cannabis sucks. I'm around it a lot due to friends who smoke and I'm very supportive for legalizing the stuff in my state. The fact that alcohol and cigarettes are legal, but marijuana isn't astounds me. However, I've never had a good reaction to being truly high. Combine that with how extremely potent my friend made those brownies, it makes perfect sense that my anxiety went haywire. I also know cannabis increases your blood pressure, but it doesn't not explain my heart rate being so abnormally high. I literally thought that was what death felt like at the time, and if my logical side didn't keep saying, "Shut up! You're just high you had a brownie." I would of probably tried to go to the ER.

But through that dreadful experience of mine, I'm glad I endured it because my knee's swelling made an instant boost in going down to a level I hadn't seen it at for a year and 3 months! I wish I could go through it again, but I don't think I can handle that extreme level of freaking out. I did take an extremely small bite of the brownie once afterwards and it just made me sleep really good, but not much for the swelling. I guess I need to just be patient and realize the human body will take care of itself in due time.

How is your knee doing these days?
There is likely underlying MCL and meniscus compensation, confirmed with positive pain testing but negative instability testing, due to ROM deficits of the knee coupled with excessive rotatory movements due to patient's practice of martial arts. In my opinion, he would benefit from initiation of skilled therapy emphasizing:
1) Return of knee hyperextension with addressing of concomitant extensor lag,
2) Improvement of intrinsic foot stability and hip rotation to limit tibiofemoral compensation, and
3) Movement retraining of squat, hinge, and carry
In order to reduce pain and return to prior level of function. 

I am told I am expect to recover fully.
But if left untreated, will lead to arthritis.

They don't think I have a meniscus tear. But if physical therapy doesn't help, I will be asked to do an MRI scan.

Stay away from martial arts for sometime.
Can do anything in the gym as long as it doesn't cause pain (E.g. squats, leg presses etc).
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