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Thanks for your feedback Clarkey and Chester, I appreciate that. Your experience of worsening outcomes after surgery is very useful Chester, and definitely helps me to realise that I've made the right decision. I was thinking that it would be fantastic to have a database that we could access to see what the outcomes of surgery are for treating arthrofibrosis, and what treatment was given so we could get a better idea of what is best for us. For example, if surgery is performed soon after arthrofibrosis develops (instead of years later), there is supposed to be a better outcome, but the number of papers and patients being reported is too small to get a good idea.

I have just found this site, PateintsLikeMe, where people put in their information so that a large database can be made of symptoms, treatments, side-effects and outcomes. The stats are generated for gender, age, treatment etc, it looks very powerful.  Here is a quote from their website "All that data helps you track how you’re doing over time, helps the next person diagnosed learn what could work for them, and tells researchers what people what they really need so they can develop more effective treatments, faster." Here is a link to their story

I've only just started looking at it, but it doesn't seem as though there is a section for arthrofibrosis. Maybe we should start one, what do you think? I could join and see. According to Wikipedia, in 2007 it was identified as one of 15 companies that will change the world.

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@AroohArooh! Thanks mate.

I take it we are talking 2 legs here and now single leg press ?

I'm getting full extension, minus about 10 degrees on about 100kg with both legs. 
I've done about around 45kg single leg but feel I need to load it a bit more and have been advised to.

How's the stairs and walking down a slope coming along ?

Cheers mate
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Hi everyone
Looks like I've ruptured my left ACL, 10 years after getting my right one reconstructed. I'm pretty gutted by this as I'm sure everyone will understand.

I've read that NHS patients can go to EEA countries to get surgery as long as it's approved by an NHS consultant.

Does anyone have experience of doing this? Did it work well? Did it reduce your waiting time?

Thank you for any advice.
Yeah, it seems like his info has helped a lot of people. Based on what I've seen though, his advice works for certain situations. For example, I've tried about all the conservative measures he suggests, but I still have problems.

I've read about it! In fact, doctor told me I had synovitis which is the "official" term for it. It's more a description of what's going on than a diagnose though. yeah big questions for sure :/ Have you done any PT?

My pain is in the same area. Front of the knee. If you have a lump, you might want to try finding out if it's a baker's cyst or not!

The update to my situation is that I've been told my fat pad is a big cause of my problems. In an appointment with yet another orthopedic surgeon, I was told that it just needs to be removed. So I'm most likely going to have that done.

Oh it feels so good knowing Im not alone with all this.. I just honestly dont know what to do! Ive been writing in two different discussions now, and heard about Dr Dye in both of them. Definitely something to look into.. have you read about inflammation of synovial fluid? Or something like that. Sounds like my case. But why did I get the inflammatiom (?).. I know that it is from overuse, but why? And why isnt it going away? Big questions, no answers..
Are you able to tell where the pain is located? Feels like I can tell better now where the pain is, and its more on the outside somewhere in the middle. There is also lumps in the knee above on the outer side. Right knee has a decent size lump. I am so confused and hopeless.. I quit eating sugar and wheat, it helps some, the inflammation doesnt hit so hard. I just hate the feeling when I feel that the fluid is starting to come in..
Let me know if you find any answer!
Hi Kay,

I think you are very wise not to pursue any additional surgical intervention.  As you can see from my signature line AF and I have been together for decades.  Each attempt to "fix" my knee resulted in more of the same (AF returning worse than before within as short a period as 10 days post op). My current surgeon told me I would be putting myself at risk for a serious infection if I had another open surgery and he would not do it.  Another surgeon told me he wouldn't do a TKA on me, at any time, "for all the tea in China" and the only thing he would want me knee for is science, and my current rheumatologist told me that having surgery on my knee is like pouring gasoline on a fire.

Be thankful that your doctor was up front and told you that your risks would be high. It is much better to have a doctor that is honest than it is to have one who thinks he is a miracle worker and promises the world only to deliver more of the same.  Apparently there is not one single orthopedic surgeon (or doctor in any branch of medicine) that knows what CAUSES arthofibrosis. They cannot fix what they do not understand. 

Hi Kay,

Sounds like Dr Paterson was the right OS for your continuing AF problems and can see why you are reluctant to go ahead with surgery as there are too many risks involved that's best left alone.

[email protected]
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« Last post by Navtinho on September 22, 2017, 02:50:57 PM »
Hi really sorry to hear about your injury.
Its still early days after your injury and you still have considerable swelling, so your injury is still in the acute phase. If I were in your situation I wouldnt want put any unnecesary stress on the joint until the swelling goes down. Also from my experience some mobility will be restored once the swelling subsides so dont stress too much about Range of Motion right now. I would suggest that you continue with RICE and give the knee the time it needs. If you've done your ACL and MCL together you are going to have a really unstable knee for the first few weeks at least.

Unfortunately from what you describe and from my own experience, it does sound like you could have some ACL damage as well....
Having said that it could just be a partial tear, considering your BJJ activity you would probably still need surgery and there are some new techniques out there which aim to augment and preserve the existing ligament as much as possible. So dont risk losing this option.

Anyway my point is although the risk may be low, dont push yourself and take a chance, at least until you know the full extent of the damage and the swelling subsides.

Good luck with the MRI ! Keep us posted.
My trip to Adelaide went off OK, and Dr Paterson is certainly experienced in treating arthrofibrosis. However he explained that I will continue to have inflammation and scar tissue formation after the surgery, and even the Hoffas fat scar tissue (and pain) can some back and get trapped in the joint. I hadn't realised that the nerves grow back with the scar tissue, so even if everything is cleaned up, there is a very high chance that the knee will get just as bad again, and possibly worse becasue of the new injury caused by surgery.

He also explained that because I have a prosthesis there is an even higher risk of infection, because the body can't fight it as well. He is keen to give surgery a try, and gave me a hospital admission form to complete, but after giving it some thought I think the risk is too high, and the benefits may be non-existent for my particular case.

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