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Hi Trm and welcome! Iím not a expert, but to me it sounds like it could be a tracking problem. My suggestion would be to book in with a physio and have it checked out now, before it gets worse and snowballs into a more complicated problem (e.g. before maltracking or whatever else is going on there upsets cartilage, ligaments, etc.) Iím not sure giving up squatting is necessarily a long term solution, as you risk getting into a vicious circle where your muscles get weaker BUT the maltracking is still there and not addressed. I was advised along those lines by a physio a few years back when I complained about pain lunging - address the issue by balancing the muscles, donít run away from it by just giving up lunging. Now that Iíve had ACL surgery obviously a whole host of muscles in the leg are firing all wrong and Iím getting occasional discomfort squatting, leg pressing etc. The physio is keeping those exercises in my programme but adding others to recruit and balance the muscles and he is monitoring and correcting my form with squats etc.
Very best of luck and hope you can sort this quickly and smoothly!
Post-op diaries (<50 posts) / Re: Actifit surgery
« Last post by exception on Today at 08:32:12 AM »
Sorry to hear that bad news. It's sad but i think the only thing we can do when meniscus parts are removed is try to compensate with hard training and balance the load. I think current implants unfortunately cannot simulate the meniscus tissue, which has cells that align and adopt to load.
I exactly know how you feel with this ups and downs, i am 31 and have the same arthritic issues, just wothout the actifit.
Wish you the best, keep us posted what you decided with the implant.
Hello everyone. New here this is my first post. I have a question and would appreciate any feedback as I am very concerned. I am a weightlifter. Over the past few years I went hard and heavy as possible in the gym and gained a ton of weight. Throughout all of my training and weight gain however I can confidently say that I never felt any knee pain or crepitus. In fact, it was probably the only thing that didnít nag me here and there lol. However the weight I ended up at was not ideal for my blood pressure. I was up to 350 lbs. (6í6Ē tall) i decided to drop some weight and it melted off. Lost 70 lbs in 3 months. As the weight started to come off my left knee started to creak along with some mild pain. Shortly after my right one started with the crepitus as well. The pain is very mild when I do experience it. More along the lines of a general discomfort. Iím worried that I may have worn out my knees and am seeing the begginings of osteoarthritis. Another theory I had was that since I rapidly lost weight and am not squatting nearly as much weight my knees are decompressing and in a sense not tracking the same and may just take some time to adjust. But thatís just a wild guess as Iím not educated in this matter which is why Iím here. What are you guys thoughts? Should I stop squatting? I have full range of motion in my knees and again only occasionally a mild pain when they move almost like itís rubbing. I appreciate the help. Thanks!
GENERAL KNEE QUESTIONS and comments (good for new threads) / Patella injury, is it CRPS?
« Last post by ana654 on November 17, 2018, 06:14:04 AM »
I'm new to the forum (has been such a huge help!) and hoping someone might have some thoughts on my symptoms. Apologies for the wall of text:
I had a traumatic fall onto the kneecaps at the end of June. I was running at the time and fell onto concrete, landing on the left knee with more force than the right. Normal x-ray, MRI showed a small focus of full-thickness chondral fissuring (2 x 6 mm) on the lateral facet of the patella and mild subchondral edema, otherwise normal study. The GP advised me it would heal and to continue with physio to improve quad strength. I rested from all sports for 2 months, had the knee kinesio taped and minimized all walking, continuing with a physio strengthening (quads, glutes, hips). The knee improved a lot pain-wise, the aching reduced and by September I started building up the walking. In Oct, I slowly started to build up with cross-trainer and some more loading from the physio (some skipping). At this time I started to get more aching and some burning pain. I also started to get aching in my right knee cap and both knees started to get warm and red (no swelling/tightness) for a short time in the evening (30 mins). This appeared strangely - e.g. would be warm and red in one knee for 20 mins and then in the other knee. The intense aching became more or less constant in the day, not helped by ibuprofen or paracetamol. Since this recent decline I've been resting, using NSAIDs and ice. I've had a bunch of blood tests for autoimmune and inflammation (negative) and have seen an orthopaedic surgeon, who suggested that the pain isn't consistent with the MRI findings and thinks that I may have irritated the nerves in Hoffa's fat pad and have some regional pain syndrome. The physio also doesn't think the pain is biomechanical, but the GP seems unconvinced it's neurological. As of three weeks I have been taking Mobic 15mg (to no effect) and Lyrica 150 mg (also not really sure if it's helping yet and the side effects are not easy). I've been told to keep moving, walking/swimming and continue with glute exercises.
Having read as much as I can about CRPS, I'm not sure if my symptoms fit precisely the criteria for that but also guess this is somewhat staged in appearance? (no sensitivity to touch or skin/hair changes, and the warm/redness is not happening all the time)
Also, not sure where to go next? At the consult, the orthopaedic suggested referral to pain management clinic or neurologist.
If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, would be hugely appreciated.. the pain is slowly driving me mad
Sorry to hear about your troubles, Dan.

I'm about 3 weeks post a partial knee replacement. I've also used the bike a fair bit as rehab, but what's really helped, is gradually lowering the seat to work at the bend degrees. I'm not sure if that's something you've considered, or if it's too late, but a thought, anyway.

Also, I've found a great deal of the remaining limiting factor for bend is the amount of swelling that remains. Are you having any issue there that might be contributing? I've found a good ice and elevation session prior to the bike/next stage of seat lowering helps get that bend greater to where I can work on the scar tissue.

best regards
16/11/18 Day 304 Ten Months Post Op

Physiotherapy is going ok so far at a slow pace. Still finding the hamstring behind the knee is mega tight when doing stretching exercises. Doing calf stretching and wall squats with the same anterior knee pain around the same spot as it was pre-op around the patella tendon! Hoping it will improve as my quads become stronger to help reduce the pain that still needs some work with more strenuous PT sessions. Going to the gym using the bike at low resistance will have to be done at another gym. My local gym has the physio that ruined my 2nd surgery who made me overdo it during my PT session early post-op! Do not want to catch sight of him.

Have to be honest and should have stuck to Birmingham ROH as the new PT has good intentions but is not really giving me PT I should be getting after ten months post-op. At least the previous PT I saw got me on the exercise bike and doing steps ups that I was able to do without any problems. The smaller hospital that I am currently receiving PT does have a gym within the PT department. It is a waste of time going over the PT exercises I been given that are written down with diagrams, so do not need to check. Be good during the half hour session to do some gym work that would be more beneficial. Should be ok to say to my PT that I rather be doing gym work during my appointment. Patient's have a say what exercises they want be doing during the appointment if they are not entirely satisfied.

Being told should find some part time work that is a challenging right now! Happy to work at a garden centre but because my right knee and hip flares up when I lifting bags of soil, gravel etc for customers with physical challenges. Even at the charity shop I volunteer at once a week bringing donations up the stairs, helping customers with their purchases to their car if they are elderly and frail! Hard to say cannot help due to joint problems as I look young for my age coming up to 40 next month. So now not going to the charity shop as I feel I am a burden as I not able to help out as I would like to.

Supporting vulnerable adults and young people also challenging due to having a unjust conviction, making it virtually impossible to find paid employment. Have completed my chapter on autism and criminal responsibility for an academic book for university students and professionals last month in Dublin. Was a Storyteller with two academic respondents.
Links below explains the whole nightmare scenario my family and I found myself in that is still haunting me to this day, not being able to quash my criminal record!'s%20story.html

I am now on enhanced PIP due to my autism and joint issues until 2020 after a successful I appeal won my case for benefits I entitled to. Hope one day can say the same quashing my criminal record that comes up on my enhanced DBS check!

[email protected]
Quizzes, games & fun contests / Re: Word game
« Last post by 60schld on November 16, 2018, 10:54:58 PM »
Quizzes, games & fun contests / Re: Word game
« Last post by John42 on November 16, 2018, 10:36:58 PM »
You should ask your surgeon to contact the manufacturer directly. They will have specific contact points for medical professionals.

Good luck
I had a Conformis iForma device put in my knee in 2008, so just had its 10th birthday.

Unrelated I have been asked to have a multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) scan on my prostrate.
My surgeon advises should be no problem, but the MRI facility will not proceed unless Conformis confirm it is either 100% Titanium or that it is MRI safe.

The MRI facility are not getting any response from Conformis .... I tried their web help, and got no response even after raising tickets with them
I then tried their FB page and eventually did get a response .... they would investigate ... then after a few days replied "unknown if MRI safe discuss with your MRI facility / surgeon"

Anybody know if Conformis iForma is MRI safe ... or a contact at Conformis where I can get a decision.
Don't quite like the ides of being in scanner and find IPD rips out of my knee.

However as the MRI is part of investigations into possible cancer growths, keen to progress if I can.

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