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Talked to doctor, he said I can do PT to strengthen my muscles before going to surgery. also as I have upcoming trip to Canada, he has given me Brace that I have to wear all time and hopefully i'll not do any more damage to knee. regarding my meniscus, he told Radiologist (who prepared MRI report) suspect Meniscus tear which can be repaired. now my question is: if I do both ACL reconstruction and Meniscus repair , how is recovery timeline? can someone from this group kindly clear my doubts.
Thanks for your reply Razurin. I am leaning towards BMC as well. I don't have any pain as such and do my normal day to day without any problems. I can climb stairs and take a walk without any issue. But when i get pain when i try to run and the knee has gotten locked twice when i bent it between 0 - 15 Degree.

I am meeting with the regenexx doctor on Monday. let's see what he says. This is the quote i got for PRP and Lipogem
PRP - $950
Lipogems  $3750
I've done both within one year, both helped, hard to say which one helped more.
Lipogems helped with bone marrow edema, MSC supposedly contributed to some cartilage regrowth in the trochlear groove area.
My meniscus was trimmed during the MSC procedure too and stem cells were placed to the affected area. Hard to say whether they helped with any meniscus regrowth, my MRO 4 months after didn't mention any of that but overall pain relief was significant.

I've read some research that msc's have a better chance to turn into hyaline cartilage cells than adipose cells so this should indicate that msc's could be preferred in your situation. One issue with msc's is cell count, but if you're in good health you're likely to get a good amount. You should probably add some cells inducing supplements to your diet prior to the procedure.
Has anybody experienced a metal allergy and needed their prosthetic replaced. I am having a third knee replacement on July 12th. They just found out i was severely allergic to Chromium which makes up 30 % of my knee. This will be a 6th surgery on my knee . I have also been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome  (CRPS) Also know as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed. I am in my 40's ...No guarantee this will help because of the RSD and that it doesn't worsen or cause my RSD to spread to other limbs :(
Yeah my physiotherapist is worried too, hasn't said anything about electric muscle stimulation yet, thanks. I'll ask
I am going back for the one year round of injections. I don't really have any expectations, I just know that if I don't then more surgery is absolutely guaranteed.
Unfortunately, I think the NI NHS is even more cash strapped (and of course smaller) than in England. Just make it known that you can attend for appointments at any time and abyegere, hopefully you'll get seen sooner

Good luck :)
N.ireland am on long term sick at them for a different issue which o seen specialist  privately so unfortunately il have to wait on the nhs this time I had my acl and meniscus repaired about 6 Yeats ago I just can't remember back then how long it took for an appointments, I was going to see the surgeon that operated on me before private 140 but my gp said I would have get the mri done privately also  then it would be up to surgeon if he wanted to refer me to the nhs for an operation
Yes, waiting lists are long, it used to be 18 weeks max to see a specialist but elective (not urgent) orthopaedics is longer these days. Can you pay to go private with a surgeon (200-250) who has an NHS practice if you need surgery? And go private for Physio (around 50 a session)? Where in the uk are you?
GENERAL KNEE QUESTIONS and comments (good for new threads) / Nhs waiting time
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Hello I seen my GP  today due to to a knee injury and he reffered me to a service called ICATS who will examine my knee and see if I need to be referred for an mri then refer me to  orthopedics but they said there is at least a 6 month waiting list for an icats appointment is it normal for it to take this long 
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