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  9. Chondroplasty/Micro-fracture surgery.....
  10. Torn Posterior Horn Of Medial Meniscus
  11. 2 Previous Surgeries and 3rd on its way
  12. I just thought I would mention
  13. Knee Realignment Surgery
  14. PCL JACK
  15. Knee Replacement Post Op Advice
  16. Screw coming out!!?? ACL Reconstruction
  17. Lateral release - pain
  18. Frustrated with VA docs and severe knee pain.
  19. knee issues! Help!
  20. Has my microfracture failed? help!!
  21. Straightforward knee problem......hopefully
  22. severe ankle pain 6 days po TTT
  23. 21 yr old Male Stage one OCD...silent killer?
  24. Worried about circulation to foot.
  25. re has anyone had tru-fit plugs and been able to get back to running/5ks etc. ?
  26. Timing of Rehab exercises - worried I am behind!
  27. Songs to help with Rehab and exercises
  28. Having extreme pain 3 months post microfracture
  29. Leg spasm after ACL rupture
  30. Is it safe to continue running...
  31. thigh and knee pain with pressure and swelling
  33. Is there any hope?
  34. Patela shaving
  35. double bundle acl reconstruction
  36. Lyrica II
  37. Pain that cannot be explained
  38. Grateful for opinions on newbie knee swelling
  39. Surely I'm not imagining this is a problem?
  40. dislocated knee (more than once)
  41. New pressure/popping sensation in knee - 5 mo. post ACLr
  42. Medial Condyle Defect or Unloading Procedure
  43. Feet pointing slightly outward when walking=Knee pain???
  44. No one but me seems to be concerned that my knee constantly catches
  45. Knee and outer leg pain
  47. Medication reaction - just wondering
  48. medial menisectomy - no rehab suggested by doctor until 8 weeks out
  49. I don't really know what is going on
  50. update-ish