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  5. Mpfl surgery
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  10. Advice needed
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  19. Any hope physio helping with patella alta and retinaculum tear?
  20. Cartilage worn in pattelofemoral joint
  21. Injury at work 9 months meniscal tear? Need advise
  22. Can falling onto old lateral portal incision cause more scar tissue formation!
  23. Advice on knee (post-ACL)
  24. Knee braces
  25. Cyclops Lesion......Again
  26. Ability of articular cartilage to heal itself
  27. Partial tears on my patellar lig and the medial patellar ret
  28. Can anyone give me advice on Hypoplastic lateral femoral condyle please?
  29. Hip fracture with foot drop
  30. New and have questions
  31. mpfl on 11/8/12 - now an anchor came out of the patella and patella is inflamed
  32. MRI scanners
  33. TTT Fulkerson's Bone Shin Pain
  34. Tibial Pain 5/6 years post TTT, LR and medial plication
  35. Partial Knee Replacement And Extensor Mechanism Resurfacing
  36. lateral pain
  37. ACL Reconstruction w/ Meniscus Repair..~6 weeks post op Did I stretch the graft?
  38. Surgery to fix a mpfl reconsruction
  39. meniscus tear an debridement right knee
  40. TTO surgery
  41. Anyone ever fractured their foot after knee surgery?
  42. delayed reaction to cortisone
  43. doctor performing lateral release on knee without knowledge or consent
  44. Opinion on 'suspected' meniscus tear needed
  45. An Osteochondritis Story (OATS related)
  46. OATs surgery, looking for similar stories, rehab time? Success or failure?
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  48. patella fracture
  49. TTT surgery on february 6th and really worried !
  50. Can old MCL surgical repair be re-repaired?