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  1. A question for all
  2. ACI
  3. Has anyone else participated in a clinical study???
  4. MCL grade 3 recovery
  5. Did you get worse before you got better? (PT question)
  6. All sorted soon?! Hope so!
  7. interpret mri
  8. when to return to sports?
  9. 2 1/2 week old broken patella
  10. Pain has gotten dramatically worse
  11. second arthroscopy in 6 weeks!
  12. Weird sensations in knee
  13. New to the board - Pain in both knees- Any advice?
  14. Finally got date and had to say NO!!
  15. How Long
  16. Pilates
  17. got through surgery ok
  18. my sweet grandma's knee arthroscopy/surgery
  19. diagnosis of unstable knee
  20. Amount of Musculature in Contralateral & Injured leg post op?
  21. Surgery - Suggestions?
  22. Maybe some hope after all
  23. Quick ? about Quad Tear and Knee Pain
  24. Just moved to MI- no doctor yet......knee issue.....any suggestions/recommendati
  25. Pain behind the knee with ITBS?
  26. Occupational Health Nurse!!!
  27. Run Over by car while on bicycle
  28. Knee surgery questions (help please)
  29. Pain behind my knee when squating and walking up and down stairs
  30. pain in screw area
  31. Quad Sets ?
  32. Left Knee lateral release
  33. daughter in severe pain again
  34. Question following arthroscopy
  35. private/NHS
  36. arthroscopy and chondroplasty
  37. not the other leg aswel!!!!!!
  38. Cartilage
  39. Hyper mobile meniscus
  40. Meniscus keeps tearing... Is this normal?
  41. Surgery a plenty!!
  42. knee pain help?
  43. Painkillers are making me sick
  44. 6 months on and the trouble is back....
  45. Looking for info
  46. Pls. anyone identify my injury? London OS?
  47. Locked Knee, Bucket tear Concerns
  48. inward facing knees
  49. Can IT band and patellofemoral syndrome be related?
  50. Chipped kneecap