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  14. It feels so good to be making progress
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  16. new member and a question
  17. I tore my meniscus medial and lateral and acl physical therapy is doin shit
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  19. So where do I go from here??
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  23. Malalignment Question
  24. patella stabilization
  25. My First post - 6 months post ACL reconstruction
  26. Chondromalacia and bakers cyst 3cm What to do
  27. TKR AND Proposed Patellaectomy
  28. Itching- I know it sounds odd
  29. Swelling down Shin
  30. Cortisone Is it safe and does it help
  31. minor bash and leg bending probs
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  33. Crunchy Noises
  34. Both Knees
  35. Ladies , I need your help
  36. Partial Torn Quad Tendent
  37. Dr in Western Australia
  38. LR and still catching
  39. Can anyone recommend a top surgeon in London?
  40. Rolfing and Deep Tissue Massage
  41. Rolfing versus Trigger Point Massage
  42. any luck with glucosamine cream?
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  45. Need imaginative ideas!!
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  47. Flat Feet
  48. Best exercises to prepare for ACLR
  49. Pain scale system
  50. scar tissue