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Who's Who in patellofemoral surgery?

Dr Elizabeth A Arendt - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Dr Philippe Beaufils - le Chesnay Cedex, France

Dr (Mr) Jonathan Bell, London, UK

Dr Roland Biedert - Magglingen, Switzerland

Dr Lars Blønd - Copenhagen, Denmark

Dr Sven Eric Christiansen - Aarhus. Denmark.

Dr Andrew Cosgarea - Lutherville, Maryland, USA.

Dr David Dejour - Lyon, France

Dr Simon T Donnell, Norwich, UK

Dr Mahmut Nedim Doral, Ankara, Turkey.

Dr Scott Dye - San Francisco, California, USA.

Dr (Mr) Jonathan Eldridge, Bristol, UK

Dr (Prof) Julian Feller, Melbourne, Australia

Dr Christian Fink - Innsbruck, Austria.

Dr John P Fulkerson - Farmington, Connecticut, USA.

Dr Jack Farr - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Dr Ronald Grelsamer - New York, NY, USA.

Dr Jeffrey L Halbrecht - San Francisco, California, USA

Dr Benton Heyworth - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dr Philippe Landreau - Doha, Qatar

Dr Lonnie Paulos - Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA

Dr Philippe Neyret - Lyon, France

Dr Vicente Sanchis-Alfonso - Valencia, Spain.

Dr David A Shneider - Michigan, USA.

Dr Christina Stukenborg-Colsman - Hannover, Germany

Dr (Mr) Neil Thomas, Basingstoke, UK

Dr (Mr) Pete Thompson, Warwick & Coventry, UK

Dr Rene Verdonk, Ghent, Belgium

Dr Ate B Wymenga - Nigmegen, Holland

Dr Stefano Zaffagnini - Bologna, Italy

Updated: 29 Oct, 2015

Dr Sheila Strover

Clinical Editor
BSc (Hons)

Dr Sheila Strover is the founder of the KNEEguru website. Although not a knee surgeon, she has a sound understanding of knee surgery and...

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