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Who's Who in osteotomy for knee pain? (angular realignment)

Dr Jean-Noël Argenson - Marseille, France

Dr (Mr) Derek Richard Bickerstaff - Sheffield, UK

Professor (Mr) Justin Cobb - London, UK

Dr (Mr) Andrew Davies - London, UK

Dr (Mr) Matt Dawson - Carlisle, UK

Dr (Mr) Mohi El Shazly - Droitwich, UK

Dr (Mr) Glyn Evans - London, UK

Dr (Mr) Jamie Flanagan - Chelmsford, UK

Dr Thomas Hackett, Vail, USA

Dr (Mr) Abdel Hassan, Chertsey, UK

Dr Robert Litchfield, London, Canada

Dr Philipp Lobenhoffer, Hanover, Germany

Dr Lonnie Paulos - Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA

Dr (Mr) Paul Rae, Wrightington, UK

Dr (Mr) Mike Risebury - Basingstoke, UK

Prof. Dr. med Romain Seil, Luxembourg

Dr (Mr) Pankaj Sharma, - Cheadle, UK

Dr Sarbjit Singh - Singapore

Dr Konrad Slynarski, - Warsaw, Poland

Dr (Mr) Martyn Snow, - Edgbaston, UK

Dr (Mr) Tim Spalding, - Warwick & Coventry, UK

Dr Alex Staubli, - Zurich, Switzerland

Dr Robert (Bob) Allan Teitge - Michigan, USA

Dr (Mr) Neil Thomas, Basingstoke, UK

Dr (Mr) Pete Thompson, Warwick & Coventry, UK

Dr Ronald J van Heerwaarden, Woerden & Nijmegen, Netherlands

Dr Vitaliy Veklich - Kiev, Ukraine

Dr (Mr) Andy Williams, London, UK

Dr (Mr) Adrian J Wilson - Basingstoke, UK

Dr (Mr) Chris Wilson, Cardiff, UK

Dr Ajit Yadav, Chennai, India

Updated: 15 May, 2014

Dr Sheila Strover

Clinical Editor
BSc (Hons)

Dr Sheila Strover is the founder of the KNEEguru website. Although not a knee surgeon, she has a sound understanding of knee surgery and...

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