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Who's Who in articular cartilage repair?

The following are a list of surgeons that I know to have a special interest in cartilage repair -

Dr (Mr) Vladimir Bobic - Chester, UK

Dr (Mr) Tim Briggs - Watford, UK

Dr Mats Brittberg - Kungsbacka, Sweden

Dr Bill Bugbee - La Jolla, California, USA

Dr Brian Cole - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Dr Lars Engebretsen - Oslo, Norway

Dr Christoph Errgelet - Freiberg, Germany

Dr Jack Farr - South Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Dr Wayne Gershoff - Lone Tree, Colorado

Dr Scott Gillogly - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Dr Alberto Gobbi - Milan, Italy

Dr Andreas H Gomoll - Boston, USA

Dr Lazlo Hangody - Budapest, Hungary

Dr Ryosuke Kuroda - Kobe, Japan

Dr Gunnar Knutsen - Tromsø, Norway

Dr Stefan Lohmander - Lund, Sweden

Dr Bert Mandelbaum - Santa Monica, California, USA

Dr Maurilio Marcacci - Bologna, Italy

Dr Stefan Marlovits - Vienna, Austria

Dr Tom Minas - Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

Dr Anthony Miniaci - Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Dr Kai Mithoeffer - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dr Stefan Nehrer - Krems, Austria

Dr Lars Peterson - Gothenburg, Sweden

Dr (Mr) Andrew Price - Oxford, UK

Dr (Mr) James Richardson - Oswestry, UK

Dr Juan Rodrigo - Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

Dr Daniel Saris - Utrecht, Holland

Dr Jason Matthew Scopp - Salisbury, Maryland, USA

Dr (Mr) Tim Spalding - Leamington Spa, UK

Dr Richard Steadman - Vail, Colorado, USA

Dr Matthias Steinwachs - Zurich, Switzerland

Dr Kevin Stone - San Francisco, California, USA

Dr Johan Vanlauwe - Leuven, Belgium

Dr David Wood - Crawley, W Australia

Updated: 27 Sep, 2014

Dr Sheila Strover

Clinical Editor
BSc (Hons)

Dr Sheila Strover is the founder of the KNEEguru website. Although not a knee surgeon, she has a sound understanding of knee surgery and...

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