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KNEEguru Team Member

Dr Sheila Strover

Clinical Editor
BSc (Hons)

Dr Sheila Strover is the founder of the KNEEguru website. Although not a knee surgeon, she has a sound understanding of knee surgery and...

Mr Sebastiano Nutarelli

Clinical Editor

Sebastiano Nutarelli is a former athlete and web accessibility engineer.

From 2007 to 2012 he had to fight against a complex knee problem, undergoing multiple surgical procedures and non-stop physiotherapy for almost 5 years. This lead him to travel to the best orthopaedic clinics around the world to get the best possible care due to the complexity of the case and to move to the U.S.A. for almost 2 years. Once back on his feet, he completely changed his life enrolling a Physical Therapy Bachelor Degree at the University in Lugano, Switzerland in 2013...

Dr Lars Blønd

Knee Surgeon

Dr Lars Blønd is a knee, shoulder and elbow surgeon, specialising in arthroscopic procedures and all kinds of reconstructions. He is the inventor of the arthroscopic trochleoplasty and highly specialised in the management of dislocating patellae.



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