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Dr Roger Badet


Dr. Roger BADET was trained at the Faculty of Medicine of Lyon in 1985. Former intern hospitals Grenoble and former head of clinical hospital of Lyon, he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1996. He holds a degree in Anatomy, Biomechanics a Master and a Master in Biological and Medical Engineering. Member of French college of orthopedic surgery is certified in orthopedic surgery at the HAS. Having been trained in surgery shoulder by Dr. Gilles Walch, he turned to the lower limb surgery under the influence of Professor Philippe Neyret and Dominique Saragaglia and Dr. Pierre Chambat. His area of expertise is surgery "sports knee" ( meniscus, cartilage, ligament ..) and "degenerative knee" (rheumatoid, arthritis ...) He has published numerous articles and made ​​numerous papers on diseases of the knee. He is an expert and advisor to several companies in the development of materials and innovative surgical techniques (knee prosthesis, hip prosthesis, navigation and customization, ligament reconstruction, osteotomy, cartilage and meniscal repair ...) He regularly performs an educational activity in knee surgery in France but also Brazil to Morocco and other countries. Dr. Roger BADET part of many national scientific societies (SOFCOT, SFA, SFHG, CAOS ..) and international (ESSKA, ISAKOS ...) being an active member in some of them. With Lyonnaise Association participates every 2 years to the organization of "Lyon knee days" dedicated to the pathology of the knee and intended for orthopedic surgeons worldwide. Dr. Roger BADET is linked with professional clubs and fans for the management of bone and joint diseases musculoskeletal tendon sports.





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