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Arthrofibrosis of the knee

09 Feb, 2006

Dr Peter Millett chats about arthrofibrosis, and why patients with established arthrofibrosis need to seek out a surgeon who is expert in this potentially devastating complication.

Acupuncture for knees

12 Jun, 2005

A brief overview by Dr Miriam Griggs.

The MRI Lie: A Matter of Economics

07 Feb, 2005

Dr Ronald Grelsamer exposes some problems in the MRI business.

Uni-knee/UniSpacer knee implant: A viable arthritis alternative to knee replacement.

08 Oct, 2004

Arthritis of the knee is an increasingly common problem amongst active patients, typically from ages 35 thru middle-aged and into the elderly population. The inner/...

Chondromalacia - an explanation

05 Oct, 2004

Dr Ronald Grelsamer explains why there is confusion surrounding the term 'chondromalacia'.

Training women to prevent knee injury

05 Aug, 2004

It is well documented that women suffer 4-6 times the number of knee injuries during sport than do men. A few years ago, our team at the Cincinatti Sportsmedicine Research and Education Foundation attempted to determine whether this statistic could be reversed by specific training of women prior to undertaking sports activities [see original publication].

The National Collegiate Athletes Association (NCAA) estimated an incidence of 1 in 10 knee injuries amongst...

Taping and anterior knee pain

16 Jul, 2004

Tony Wilson discusses practical issues around taping the kneecap.

Plica of the knee - the great mimic

16 Jul, 2004

A case presentaqtion by Mr Angus Strover.




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