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X-ray Imaging for Patellar Malalignment

08 Nov, 2006

The patella is ideally suited for imaging, and when it comes to detecting...

Interpositional Knee Discs

19 Oct, 2006

Interpositional knee discs are implants that are intended to improve the alignment and function of an arthritic knee without removing any existing bone - an exciting concept! Current interpositional knee discs include the Unispacer and the OrthoGlide.

The Unispacer...

Infrapatellar contracture syndrome

25 Aug, 2006

Dr Peter Millett chats about his experience with infrapatellar contracture syndrome and the importance of recognising it early before the shortening of the patellar tendon becomes irreversible.

Anterior interval release - the rationale behind this surgical procedure

24 Aug, 2006

Dr Peter Millett discusses why knee surgeons need to be aware that arthrofibrotic scarring can occur in this area because of the position of their arthroscopic portals (cuts).

Should one drain a post-surgical haemarthrosis?

19 Aug, 2006

There are two types of haemarthrosis – one is a mild one that follows surgery that has approximately 25cc in the joint - that does not...

Epidural after surgical release for arthrofibrosis

18 Aug, 2006

Dr Ben Graff, University of Wisconsin, wrote a paper, oh it’s been maybe 6 or 7 years ago, where he showed that if he didn’t use the epidural after surgical release approximately 30-40% of the patients reverted.

That’s what we’ve been saying for many many years. When you do surgery for ...

Chondromalacia – old habits die hard!

18 Aug, 2006

Chondromalacia is a term that is commonly used by health professionals – orthopedists, physical therapists, sometimes internists - and in the United States there is even an insurance code for chondromalacia (717.7) - but the fact of the matter is it’s a completely outdated term.

It is a term...

Timing of ACL reconstruction

17 Aug, 2006

Short commentary about how long to wait before reconstructing a torn cruciate ligament.

Patellar malalignment

15 Aug, 2006

Patellar malalignment is a general term pertaining to any abnormality of the position or tracking of the...

Lower limb strength in preadolescent children

14 Apr, 2006

Adolescent and adult female athletes have a 4-8 times greater incidence of serious non-contact knee ligament injury than male athletes participating in the same sport. There has been a great deal of speculation and research to try and find out why this is so, with researchers describing in adolescent and adult populations gender differences in...




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