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Understanding Acute Muscle and Tendon Injuries about the Knee - a paper by Dr Karen Hambly

29 Feb, 2008

This article explains the more common kinds of acute muscle and tendon injury around the knee. Injuries to muscle and tendon are some of the most common injuries seen in the doctor's office (refs 1 & 2). A large majority of these injuries are as a result of sporting participation but they are also common in everyday activities especially when the activity isn't part of a persons normal routine....

Predicting the need for ACL reconstruction

03 Feb, 2008

The fundamental reason for surgical treatment of ACL rupture is to stop symptomatic instability which can produce recurrent injury- especially...

Surgical decision on which meniscal tear to repair

24 Sep, 2007

The classical indication for meniscal repair is an acute longitudinal, unstable tear of >1cm in the periphery of the meniscus which is of traumatic (nondegenerative) etiology. The knee should be stable or a concomitant ligament...

The central approach to the lateral compartment of the knee

17 Apr, 2007

There is no need to struggle with approaches to the knee

One skin cut down the middle is all there needs to be.

For this goes down the watershed where venous blood divides

Medially and laterally to drain to both the sides.

What’s more you see the arteries all come from behind

Where the...

Knee Pain - the History

17 Apr, 2007

        As Orthopaedic surgeons we are now

            Informed quite well in all the details how

        Pain within the knee is generated

            And how it can be treated and ablated.

      Remember, pain is not what you can see

            With Xray,...

Knee Pain - Examination

15 Apr, 2007


Now before you start the tender task

Of examination, you must ask

"Where is this pain? If you can be precise

"To show me its location would be nice"

It's at this stage and often not before

Some patients say "I'm absolutely sure

"It's here, not there where my knee's been treated.

"I feel to some extent that I've been cheated."

With his index finger then he'll point

To the painful region on the...

Knee Pain - further investigations

15 Apr, 2007

The history, having told you what you needed

To know of symptoms, you have then proceeded

To look and feel and move the painful knee

To postulate the main pathology.

But now your diagnostic postulations

Require the help of more investigations.

Foremost in these modern special tests

Are some essential imaging requests.

With radiographic pictures and C.T.

The bones are clearly shown, and you can see

The length, alignment and, to some extent,

You can judge the...

OrthoGlide Interposition Arthroplasty

20 Feb, 2007

I have a particular interest in the OrthoGlide implant which has just received FDA approval in the USA as an alternative to partial or total knee replacement in selected patients. In fact I will be part of a group of physicians touring France and the UK in Spring of 2007 to present our findings.

The OrthoGlide implant is inserted within the...

Biological Joint Restoration - a case presentation

14 Feb, 2007

Biological joint restoration has had a high success rate in our clinic – but only in carefully selected patients.  For example, with the exception of...

MRI Imaging of Patellar Cartilage

09 Nov, 2006

MRI imaging of the patella provides information that a plain X-ray cannot. Specifically the MRI allows the doctor to evaluate the...




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