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Meniscal tears - decisions regarding repair

17 Jul, 2011

How the surgeon decides on management.

The concept of anatomical ACL reconstruction over the last five to seven years

11 Feb, 2011

This update follows my previous presentation on Anatomical ACL.

Two prominent surgeons, Freddie Fu and Charlie Brown, have been working on the idea of anatomical ACL reconstruction. They would stand up at meetings and say “I’ve done 5,000 ACL reconstructions and looking back at what I was doing I now think that I put 5,000 ACLs in the wrong place because we...

Miserable malalignment

18 Jun, 2010

Miserable malalignment is different from people that have a proper rotation deformity in usually their...

Anatomical ACL

15 Jun, 2010

I have just returned from a big knee meeting in Norway. The real big exciting thing that is being talked about at all the meetings is doing an ACL anatomically.

Over the last 5-7 years there have been two guys in particular – Freddie Fu and Charlie Brown – they have been doing a lot of work on “Where’s the right place to put the ACL?” We all thought we were doing the right thing ten years ago, then we all thought we were doing...

Surgical Videos

15 Jan, 2009

I am involved in surgical video production. My videos are of surgical techniques, and are for professionals, particularly for orthopaedic surgeons. I have put one, about reconstruction of the MPFL, onto...

An update on state-of-the-art surgery for the menisci

28 Aug, 2008

Ian McDermott FRCS explains the current options for managing a meniscus tear.

Preventing ACL Injuries

22 Mar, 2008

Holly Silvers discusses how special training can reduce the incidence of ACL tears.

Cycling for Knee Rehabilitation

20 Mar, 2008

An overview of the issues that need to be taken into consideration when using cycling as a tool in rehabilitation of knee problems.




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