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Is Q angle relevant?

05 Jun, 2013

An explanation of factors affecting measurement of the Q-angle.

Why does my knee cap (patella) hurt?

24 Mar, 2013

The patella (knee cap) is exposed to incredibly high loads during sporting activities, and even activities of daily living, squatting and jogging can put loads equivalent to seven times body weight through the patella - even stair climbing puts loads of three times body weight through it. So it is hardly surprising things go wrong with this...

What kind of ACL reconstruction have you had?

18 Mar, 2012

In a previous paper on Double bundle, traditional single bundle or 'more anatomic' single bundle ACL reconstruction?, I explained that techniques in cruciate ligament restoration are constantly evolving. This has largely been due to research...

Medial meniscus tear - a typical story

25 Jan, 2012

Video interviews with a patient.

MACI discussion

26 Sep, 2011

Dr Adrian Wilson discusses frankly his own views on ACI procedures.




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