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A new look at the topic of 'Informed Consent' for ACL reconstruction

20 Aug, 2015

Patients need to know what procedure they are having performed by their surgeon, and what the related issues are.

Comparing two regional nerve blocks for knee surgery

17 Jan, 2015

Adductor canal nerve blocks are traditionally used for pain management for procedures of the...

Rehabilitation after arthroscopic trochleoplasty

28 Dec, 2014

Previous articles and videos relating to the procedure of arthroscopic trochleoplasty can be found on this site. This discussion and video relates to the basic ...

Avoiding the stiff knee after total knee replacement - surgical considerations

21 Jun, 2014

Total knee replacement represents a considerable insult to the system when you consider -

  • the patient requires an anaesthetic
  • a skin incision (cut) is needed, with consequent bleeding
  • ...

The 'Unloader Moment'

24 May, 2014

Some time ago at a medical educational meeting about high tibial osteotomy, I was chatting to a representative from the company Ossür. The focus of the educational meeting was the value of surgical re-alignment of the leg to unload one side of the knee where it was showing...

Arthroscopic deepening trochleoplasty

23 Feb, 2014

Dr Lars Blond describes a technique of deepening the groove of the trochlea via the arthroscope, for patients with recurrent dislocation of the patella.

Knee pain and relationships - KNEEtalk spotlights - #05

19 Jan, 2014

There is a revealing discussion on the KNEEguru bulletin board about how having a bad knee problem can put a strain on relationships in the family. Click the following link to read the initial conversation -

Arrow   "Knee pain - the third party in my relationship..."


The discussion highlights the following relationship problems -


Arthrofibrosis frustrations - KNEEtalk spotlight #04

17 Jan, 2014

Some unfortunate knee patients find their progress with rehabilitation frustrated by issues related to adhesions and scarring inside the knee cavity. This can happen to anyone...




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