Knee surgeons commonly use 'scoring systems' to monitor their patients before and after knee surgery.

This provides them with information for the individual patient record, but also allows comparison of results of any particular procedure with those of other surgeons around the world.

Common scoring systems assess - 

  • Pain
  • Functional Activity
  • Activities of daily living
  • Sporting ability


Score your own knee

If any readers are interested in knowing their own knee scores using a variety of scoring systems, an click through the links below and fill out printable forms. You can take the test, see your score and print out the results to compare with future tests.

  • VAS Score - The VAS Score is the simplest of all and is a slider where you can mark your current level of pain. Despite its simplicity, it is widely employed.
  • Tegner-Lysholm Score - The Tegner-Lysholm Score (combined Tegner Score and Lysholm Score) is a widely used activity scoring system for patients with knee disorders.
  • KOOS Score - The KOOS score is commonly used to assess the quality of life when you have a knee problem.
  • WOMAC Score - The WOMAC Score is really geared towards people with osteoarthritis, and who are considering or have had a surgical intervention, such as a knee replacement.
  • IKDC Score - The IKDC Score is a simple subjective assessment of your functional level.