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Meniscus from top

The previous section on the meniscus from the side will have given you an overview of meniscus anatomy.

Looking down at the menisci from above on this left leg the difference in shape between the medial and lateral meniscus can be more clearly appreciated. The medial meniscus is more C-shaped, while the lateral meniscus is more O-shaped. The lateral meniscus is also more mobile as its outer rim is not tethered to the capsule like the medial one is. Also the lateral one has the tendon of the popliteus muscle running past it at the back.


menisci from above

The two chopped-off ligaments in the middle are the cruciate ligaments. The pointed ends of each meniscus are referred to as the 'horns' of the meniscus. The anterior horns are at the front and the posterior horns are at the back.


photo of menisci from above

This is a photograph of the two menisci ready for a meniscus transplant.

The two cruciate ligament stumps fill the space between the menisci. Of course they have been cut off from their attachments to the bone of the femur to free this transplant.

Updated: 15 Apr, 2013
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