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Fairclough, John A
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I am currently a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in knees and Professor of Sports Medicine at UWIC As a Specialist Knee and Sports Surgeon over the last two decades I have developed the specialty of Knee Surgery in Cardiff introducing Arthroscopy and soft tissue Anterior Cruciate Reconstruction, I continue to teach nationally and internationally in Sports and Knee Meetings. I have comprehensive experience in managing knee problems with a specific interest in arthroscopy, knee ligament surgery and joint replacement. I have developed a tertiary referral clinic for the investigation and management of knee pain with Professor Hechmi Toumi at the CMAT centre (Centre for Musculoskeletal Analysis and Therapy) where there is provision both diagnostic and therapeutic rehabilitation and is widely used by professional and amateur sports teams and individuals. I have a long association with a variety of professional sporting bodies and frequently referred lower limb injuries for acute and delayed presentation symptomatology. I pioneered the development of day case arthroscopy in Cardiff South Wales in a variety of joints and particularly in the ankle provided a new method for the treatment of degenerative disease by arthrodesing the joint arthroscopically. I developed a national and international referral pattern for sports injuries in particular those of the knee . I was awarded a Foundation Fellowship of the Royal Collage of Surgeons Sports and Exercise Medical Collage and am currently the chairman of the `External affairs committee. I have previously been the President of the British Orthopaedic Sports Trauma Association which is the national body for surgeons involved in dealing injury in sport.