Dr Markus P Arnold

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Arnold, Markus P
Knee Surgeon
Particular Expertise: 
ACL reconstruction
  • PD Dr. Markus P. Arnold, PhD finished medical school in Basel in 1988 and graduated with a thesis named „Knieprobleme bei Velofahrern und Stretching als Therapie“ (Knee Problems of Bicycle Riders and Stretching as Therapy). That’s what it is all about for him: sports, knees, function. Roland Biedert advised him to go to Professor Werner Müller instead of Professor Morscher for his education as an orthopaedic surgeon: ‘If you want to learn something about knees and sports injuries instead of being the fourth man in a septic hip revision’, he meant.
  • Curious about life outside Switzerland, the experience of one year at the Orthopaedic Department in Nijmegen (1998-1999) was like ‘learning to fly’ (according to Tom Petty). Here with Albert van Kampen his interest for scientific research was awakened. It made the Arnold-family leave Switzerland and move to the Netherlands in 2001, the professional opportunities were convincing. A PhD-thesis at the University of Nijmegen in 2004 about crucial details in ACL surgery was the scientific result, fort he clinical work and application they moved to Groningen, where he worked as a knee specialist from 2002 at the University Clinic UMCG. Back to Switzerland in 2006 he soon thereafter joined the Bruderholz Orthopaedic clinic as consultant for knee surgery. From 2014 he is working in a private setting with research and education-interests in the orthopedic group LEONARDO.