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The programme of exercises and stretches undertaken in order to return the knee to as full a function as possible.

Early exercises focus on maintaining circulation, and preventing swelling an inflammation. The focus then tends to move to establishing and maintaining range of motion, followed by rebuilding strength, balance, proprioception and returning the patient to full activities.


Rehabilitation Primer

13 Jan, 2016

A pretty comprehensive rehab section offering descriptions of many of the routine knee exercises, together with an explanation of where each is relevant.

Courses about Rehabilitation Issues

19 Aug, 2015

These are some of our most popular courses, covering challenging rehabilitation topics in depth.

Exercise ball

13 Jun, 2015
Image of Tone Fitness Stability Ball, 65cm

Exercise balls are good for lower trunk work as well as hamstring exercises.


Stepper for rehabilitation

13 Jun, 2015
Image of The Step Original Aerobic Platform - Circuit Size

A stepper needs to be quite heavy so that you feel secure.


Ten excellent knee rehab websites

04 Aug, 2013

Links to sites offering a comprehensive range of exercises and stretches for knee rehabilitation.


Objectives of rehab

11 Apr, 2013

An explanation of what rehab tries to achieve.



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