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Range of motion

The range through which the knee can bend and straighten (flex and extend).

A straight leg is said to zero (0) degrees of flexion. Full flexion is about 135-143 degrees, depending on the muscle/fat bulk of the limb.

Range of motion of the knee

Normally, a person can actually go beyond 0 degrees, and slightly 'hyper-extend', so full extension might be -6 degrees.

Range of motion


Assisted passive extensions

02 Apr, 2008

Exercise to increase range of movement.

CPM - continuous passive motion

26 Mar, 2008

Passive gentle machine-assisted exercise to maintain range of motion.

Assisted flexion

26 Mar, 2008

Exercise to help to build range of motion.

2001 - Motion loss after ligament injuries to the knee

04 Nov, 2007

An 'interpretation' of a medical article from 2001 detailing the various causes of diminished range of motion in the knee after ligament injuries.



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