The posterolateral corner of the knee is the region on the outer aspect, towards the back of the knee.

Injuries of the posterolateral corner can be complex - they are usually the domain only of the the expert ligament surgeon.

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Posterolateral Corner

Often disaster stories, unfortunately.... :(


Posterolateral corner injuries of the knee

Dr Frank Noyes of the Cincinnati Sportsmedicine and Orthopaedic Center in Cincinnati, Ohio brings you a structured course on the complex area of the posteolateral corner. Dr Noyes is one of the world's foremost knee surgeons, researcher and author of hundreds of leading publications of many topics to do with the knee.

Posterolateral corner

A brief overview of the anatomy in this important part of the knee.

Who's Who in posterolateral corner surgery

Knee surgeons with a special interest in the posterolateral corner. List compiled by the Editor.

An 'interpretation' of a 2006 medical article outlining the important anatomy of the important posterolateral corner of the knee, and the surgical procedures that are relevant there.