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The patella is the kneecap, the small bone sitting over the front of the knee. Plural = 'patellae'.

The patella is an unusual bone, inasmuch as it is actually part of the tendon of the quadriceps muscle, the large muscle group that makes up the bulk of your 'lap'. A bone that is housed in a tendon is called a 'sesamoid' bone.

The fact that the patella is part of the quadriceps tendon means that it is involved in any action that involves the quadriceps, and a strong quadriceps is essential for the proper functioning of the patella, which acts as a fulcrum in standing, sitting or squatting.


What is a Patella?

What's special about the kneecap?

01 Aug, 2008

The kneecap is an unusual structure and understanding its anatomy and relationships is key to understanding its function.

Patella primer

30 Jul, 2008

Basic information about kneecap disorders and their management.

Who's Who in patellofemoral surgery?

04 Jul, 2008

A list of knee surgeons around the world that the KNEEguru site and its readers have identified as having a special interest in surgery of the patella and the structures associated with it.

Patellofemoral Pain - a course by Ronald Grelsamer, MD

04 Mar, 2008

Dr Ronald Grelsamer goes into substantial detail in this richly illustrated course, outlining and discussing the various possible causes of pain in the kneecap region.


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