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The meniscus is the shock absorber of the knee.


In each knee there are two menisci. They fill the gap between the rounded ends of the femur bone and the flattened upper surface of the tibia bone. The one on the inner aspect of the knee is called the 'medial meniscus' and the one on the outer aspect of the knee is called the 'lateral meniscus'.

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What is a knee meniscus?

14 Nov, 2014

The concepts surrounding the knee meniscus are not difficult to understand, but they are not always clearly explained. This video should help to put a lot of issues into a clearer perspective. Below the video you will find the narrative that accompanies the video.


2007 - The long-term consequences of anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus injuries: osteoarthritis

18 Mar, 2012

An 'interpretation' of a paper from 2007, which is a literature review trying to determine whether cruciate ligament injury predisposes one to osteoarthritis of the knee.



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