A meniscal allograft is a transplant of a meniscus from one person to another.

Usually the meniscus is taken ('harvested') from a cadaver donor, processed in a tissue bank to make it safe and inserted into living recipient, where it replaces their own meniscus. Nowadays it is often harvested still attached to a piece of donor bone, which is slid into a recess made into the recipient's bone so that only the outer edges need to be sewn into place.

Meniscal transplantation
meniscal transplant

Issues of Meniscal Transplant

Discussing the differences between the two menisci and how this affects the transplant decision.

Image of Knee Meniscus (Cartilage) Tears: Everything You Need to Know to Make the Right Treatment Decision

This e-book is from two knee experts, written in a style for everyone to be able to understand the key issues and well illustrated in full colour.

Ian McDermott FRCS explains the current options for managing a meniscus tear.

Meniscus replacement

Replacing damaged meniscus tissue with a graft or a scaffold.

Who's Who in meniscal transplantation?

A list compiled by the Editor for the benefit of readers of knee surgeons with a special interest in meniscal transplantation.



Feel free to download this eBook on Managing Meniscal Injuries which explains which tears can be repaired and which can not. It follows on from another eBook in the series - Knee Meniscus Injury. Managing Meniscal Injuries explains the rehabilitation, meniscal repair, meniscal trimming, scaffolds, transplants, and it touches upon avulsion injuries, although we have another in-depth eBook on that topic.

ebook managing meniscal injuries