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KNEE Dictionary beginning with Q

Essential knee terminology
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Q-angle search for term

The Q-angle is a measurement that gives an indication of the likelihood of excessive forces tending to pull the patella over to the outer (lateral) side.

Quad sets search for term

A knee rehabilitation exercise.

Quadriceps atrophy search for term

Physical wasting of the quadriceps muscle.

Quadriceps lag search for term

A 'quadriceps lag' is present when a patient cannot fully 'actively' extend the knee (straighten the leg using muscle contraction), but it can be fully 'passively' extended by the clinician.

Quadriceps muscle search for term

The quadriceps (or 'quads') muscle is the large muscle at the front of the thigh.

Quadriceps tendinitis search for term

Same as 'quadriceps tendinopathy'.

Quadriceps tendinopathy search for term

An overuse condition, where the attachment of the quadriceps (quads) tendon to the upper pole of the patella (kneecap) becomes painful.

Quadriceps tendon search for term

The quadriceps tendon is the tendon of the quadriceps muscle, just above the kneecap and into which it inserts.

Quads search for term

Same as 'Quadriceps muscle'.

Quads tendon search for term

Same as 'quadriceps tendon'.



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