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Functional brace

A functional knee brace is prescribed for moderate instability from torn cruciate ligaments, to support the knee and prevent further damage.

Knee instability may be the result of damage to one or a combination of stabilising structures in the knee:

It is generally agreed that functional knee braces are of value post-operatively, and offer improved stability in the simpler types of instability (eg PCL or MCL deficiency), but are unlikely to be of real benefit in complex instabilities.

There are basically two types of functional knee brace:

  • hinge-post-shell - with a moulded shell of plastic and foam
  • hinge-post-strap - with simple straps

Donjoy Deluxe hinged knee brace

13 Jun, 2015
Image of DonJoy Deluxe Hinged Knee Brace, Drytex Sleeve, Open Popliteal, Large

Designed for moderate stability and support for knee ligament meniscus injuries, sprains and osteoarthritis. The bilateral...


Braces for knee instability

27 Jul, 2008

An overview of brace design.


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