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Flexion means 'bending'.

A straight leg is said to be at zero (0) degrees of flexion. A fully flexed knee may reach about 140 degrees of flexion, depending on the muscle/fat bulk of the limb.

The normal range of motion (ROM) is - minus 5 to 143 degrees in women, and the normal ROM is - minus 6 to 140 degrees in men.

0 degrees flexion 90 degrees flexion143 degrees flexion
0 degrees/straight leg 90 degrees/mid flexion 143 degrees/full flexion

When a person has a 'flexion deformity' or 'flexion contracture' it means that they cannot fully straighten their leg. There may, in addition, be a limitation of flexion, meaning that they also cannot fully bend their leg.

Assisted flexion

26 Mar, 2008

Exercise to help to build range of motion.


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