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Cruciate ligament

The two cruciate ligaments (anterior and posterior) are very important ligaments right in the middle of the knee, connecting the thighbone (femur) and the shinbone (tibia).

The word 'cruciate' means 'crossed', referring to the fact that the two cruciate ligaments cross over one another, the one crossing over from front to back (the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL) and the other one crossing over from the back to the front (the posterior cruciate ligament or PCL).

cruciate ligaments

Rupture of either ACL or PCL is a major incident, often accompanied by a loud 'bang', and an inability to continue with the activity - with later swelling and collapsing of the joint.

Controversy relates to the frequent occurrence of related meniscus tears, and whether or not it is important to do a reparative operation early to avoid subsequent meniscal damage.

Issues include where to take a replacement graft from - autograft, allograft, xenograft, synthetic graft - and in the case of autograft, what part of the body to use for the replacement graft - patellar tendon or hamstrings.

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