'Arthro' means 'joint' and 'fibrosis' means 'scarring'. Arthrofibrosis means internal scarring of the joint, with possible consequent stiffness.

Arthrofibrosis is a complication of knee injury or surgery where an excessive scar tissue response leads to painful restriction of knee motion, with scar tissue forming within the joint and soft tissue spaces and persisting despite routine rehabilitation exercises and stretches. The term may involve flexion loss, extension loss or both.


eBook - Arthrofibrosis and Patella Baja

This ebook explains how an abnormally low kneecap result from the inflammatory condition of arthrofibrosis

A video from one of our courses, discussing those knee conditions that may be complicated by knee stiffness.

Video with transcription.

Arthrofibrosis is the consequence of fibrotic tissue that occurs as a result of knee injury or surgery of some sort.

It is most commonly associated with Anterior Cruciate Ligament (...

How to perform patellar mobilisations

A brief but high value eBook - fully illustrated - showing how to keep the tissues around the kneecap supple.

A clinician anonymously discusses their own experiences with arthrofibrosis after a knee injury.

Some unfortunate knee patients find their progress with rehabilitation frustrated by issues related to adhesions and scarring inside the knee cavity.

This can...




An abnormally low kneecap - patella baja or patella infera - may be the result of an inflammatory process called arthrofibrosis. This eBook explains the mechanism.

arthrofibrosis and patella baja