Anterior knee pain means simply 'pain in the front of the knee'.

Anterior knee pain (AKP) is not a specific disease, but refers simply to pain experienced around the front part of the knee, and which may arise from any of several conditions, some of which may not even involve the knee itself.

Anterior knee pain is one of the most common of knee complaints, and probably the one where clinicians most frequently fail to understand or fully assess the problem prior to undertaking surgery. It is important that the clinician (usually the physiotherapist in the first instance) understands the various separate problems that can cause pain in the front of the knee, so that the right questions are asked and the rights tests done to determine the exact cause of this particular patient's pain.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome

The patella (knee cap) is exposed to incredibly high loads during sporting activities.

Even activities of daily living, squatting and jogging can put loads equivalent to seven times body weight through the patella - even stair climbing puts loads of three times body weight through it.

So it is hardly surprising things go wrong with this...

Patellofemoral Pain

Dr Ronald Grelsamer goes into substantial detail in this richly illustrated course, outlining and discussing the various possible causes of pain in the kneecap region.

Patellar malalignment is a general term pertaining to any abnormality of the position or tracking of the...

Tony Wilson discusses practical issues around taping the kneecap.