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What is a knee meniscus?

14 Nov, 2014

The concepts surrounding the knee meniscus are not difficult to understand, but they are not always clearly explained. This video should help...

Clearing up confusion about knee cartilage

17 May, 2014

It is a source of perpetual frustration to me that doctors fail to clarify in patient's minds the difference between the two kinds of...

Issues of Meniscal Transplant

11 Aug, 2013

The meniscus of the knee has undergone a great change in fortune in the last 20 years. Before its critical importance in contributing towards...

Media Release - meniscal transplant

10 Feb, 2012

Reporting the meeting of eminent knee surgeons to discuss the latest methods of optimising meniscus function in patients with destroyed meniscal tissue.

Meniscus allograft and distal femoral osteotomy

May 08, 2011 - Comments: 0

Hello!  I am brand new to this site.  On June 29th I have surgery scheduled for a meniscus allograft (...

ACL Revision + meniscus repair Surgical Experience and first 48 hours

Feb 19, 2011 - Comments: 0

I arrived at the same day surgery center at 5:30 am which is the time I normally arrive for my clerkship duties as a medical student.  It's weird to sit out in the waiting room--at the mercy of the folks behind the doors and curtains rather than being on the other side.  

Prior to the operation, my orthopedic surgeon and I had numerous discussions about the...

History before ACL Revision with meniscus repair

Feb 19, 2011 - Comments: 0

I'm going to give a not-so-brief history of my knee injuries leading to

ultimate ACL revision in 2011


15 years ago (when I was 15 ~1995) , my leg was kicked from beneath me while playing soccer in high...



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