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knee rehabilitation

Aircast Cryo/Cuff

13 Jun, 2015

The Cryo/Cuff has a wrap-around part like a blood-pressure cuff and a container holding iced water. When the container is lifted up water circulates via a tube through the cuff and keeps the knee at a constant temperature.

As the cuff fills with water it provides controlled compression around the knee joint and this has been shown to be highly...


Breg Polar Cub cold therapy

13 Jun, 2015

The Breg Polar Care system (with the WrapOn Multi-Use Polar Pad) is popular but expensive.



13 Jun, 2015
Image of Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel for Arthritis, 32 oz. Bottle With Pump, Fast Acting & Long Lasting Cooling Pain Reliever for Muscle, Joint, & Back Pain, Cold Topical Analgesic with Original Green Formula

Biofreeze 32oz pump. A deep pentetrating, long lasting pain reliever.


Rehabilitation after arthroscopic trochleoplasty

28 Dec, 2014

Previous articles and videos relating to the procedure of arthroscopic trochleoplasty can be found on this site. This discussion and video relates to the basic ...

Ten excellent knee rehab websites

04 Aug, 2013

Links to sites offering a comprehensive range of exercises and stretches for knee rehabilitation.


Poor rehabilitation from a TTT/TTO with MPFL Reconstruction

May 18, 2012 - Comments: 0

I am looking to see if anyone has had a TTT to cure patela alta at the same time as having an MPFL reconstruction.

The reason I ask...

I am NOT Supergirl

Nov 20, 2010 - Comments: 0

It's an ungodly hour, yet I'm still awake, with, apparently, nothing to do. The shoulder pain has finally subsided.  I had my first day out, you see, apart from hospital visits and work.  A trip to my favourite restaurant, and shopping at the craft market.  My friends and mother have been most obliging in pushing me along in a rented wheelchair.  I think I made about 5 full rotations of the wheels myself, hence the shoulder pain.  I had injections too, and the pain in the left shoulder was alleviated, but the right dug its...



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