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articular cartilage

The white gristle at the end of bones.

Clearing up confusion about knee cartilage

17 May, 2014

It is a source of perpetual frustration to me that doctors fail to clarify in patient's minds the difference between the two kinds of...

2009 - Increased failure rate of autologous chondrocyte implantation after previous treatment with marrow stimulation techniques

17 Jul, 2011

This is the editor's interpretation of a 2009 medical publication outlining a study that was undertaken by a team from the Cartilage Repair Center at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts in 2009.


end stage cmp

Dec 04, 2010 - Comments: 0

Hi newby here but have visited several times,.  I would like to hear from anyone that knows the ropes on cmp.  I know what it is, and I had scopes with lg plica removal and chrondroplasty.. It was discovered that I had 50% loss of cartliage to the bone. Nothing wrong with any other part of the knee...

2008 - Comparison of the Collagen Meniscus Implant with Partial Meniscectomy.

21 Jul, 2008

An 'interpretation' of a 2008 paper looking at whether the use of a collagen meniscus is valuable after meniscus injury. The conclusion was there there was some likely benefit in patients who had had a previous meniscectomy but not in patients who had just torn their meniscus.


IKDC or KOOS? - online research by Dr Karen Hambly

26 Jun, 2008

This author has approached the KNEEguru bulletin board members and elicited their co-operation in evaluating two scoring systems widely used by orthopaedic surgeons and researchers. Her objective was to ask the people who had had a...


Microfracture or ACI - which is best?

Jun 17, 2008 - Comments: 0

Check out this bulletin board discussion

Microfracture - my story - by Teresa Sliwinski

21 Mar, 2008






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