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This course:

The stiff knee after injury or surgery - how to manage it

Level: Intermediate. Instructors: Sheila Strover and Sebastiano Nutarelli

This is a high quality course with 35 lectures, mostly in video


Video Introduction

Content of the course

This course is for anyone involved in the early rehabilitation after knee injury or surgery. It would also be of value to trainee physiotherapists.

Because internal joint scarring, if it is going to occur, is likely to trigger early in the rehabilitation process, then it is the patient and the physiotherapist who need to be looking out for the danger signs. If they understand the issues and what to watch for, then management can be optimised before there is a progression to the tragic outcome of intractable scarring (arthrofibrosis) with irreversible stiffness of the knee.

The course explains the issues, anatomy and terminology - with loads of easy to follow illustrations and videos - so that your rehabilitation programme will really start to make proper sense. You will learn what the physiotherapist is trying to do, and why. You will learn about those surgical procedures that may be helpful in the process of freeing up movement again.The course should take four hours to complete, but there is no need for any pre-knowledge as it is fully comprehensive.

  • Over 35 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • understand the situations that raise the risk of knee stiffness after injury or surgery
  • recognise the critical window of opportunity for managing the early stiff knee and regaining range of motion
  • grasp the key principles of rehabilitation to restore range of motion
  • be sure when rehabilitation is progressing inadequately and know when to refer to a surgeon
  • understand the surgical options for early knee stiffness
  • understand the surgical options for established arthrofibrosis
  • understand why a team approach is necessary after surgery for established arthrofibrosis
  • grasp the special rehabilitation requirements after surgery for established arthrofibrosis