Dr Frank Noyes brings us his enormous experience on the topic of the posterolateral corner of the knee.

This region has complex anatomy - disruption of the structures here makes it very difficult for even the experienced surgeon to identify what is damaged and to restore function and stability to the area. Many posterolateral corner injuries go undetected by inexperienced practitioners, and the patient suffers a lifetime of relative disability .

The course consists of:


Key structures of the posterolateral corner

Biceps femoris in relation to posterolateral corner structures

  • large illustration

Relationship of biceps femoris to the structures of the posterolateral corner

  • large illustration

The structures of the posterolateral corner

  • large illustration

Mechanism of injury of the posterolateral corner

  • assessing the integrity of the posterolateral corner
  • classification of partial to complete posterolateral corner injuries

Managing posterolateral corner injuries without surgery

  • acute knee injuries
  • chronic knee injuries

Surgery for posterolateral corner injuries

  • preoperative considerations
  • evaluation at surgery
  • fibular collateral ligament procedures
  • popliteus muscle-tendon-ligament unit procedures
  • posterolateral capsule procedures

Rehabilitation after posterolateral corner surgery

Rehabilitation protocol after posterolateral corner surgery

Outcomes after posterolateral corner injury

  • what is a good outcome?
  • anatomic posterolateral reconstruction
  • femoro-fibular posterolateral reconstruction
  • proximal advancement posterolateral structures
  • causes of failure of posterolateral operative procedures