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Posterolateral corner injuries of the knee - a course by Frank Noyes, MD

Dr Frank Noyes
Dr Frank Noyes
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The posterolateral corner of the knee has complex anatomy. Disruption of the structures in this region makes it very difficult for even the experienced surgeon to identify what is damaged and to restore function and stability to the area. Many posterolateral corner injuries also go undetected by inexperienced practitioners, and the patient suffers a lifetime of relative disability.

Updated: 19 Aug, 2015

Dr Frank R Noyes

Knee Surgeon

Based at the Cincinnati Sportsmedicine and Orthopaedic Center in the USA, Dr Frank Noyes is one of the world's most prominent figures when it comes to knee surgery. A prolific researcher and writer, he has published over 200 studies and articles in the world's top orthopaedic journals and textbooks, changing the face of sports medicine and orthopaedics as we know it.

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