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Course Outline - Diagnostic Arthroscopy by Angus Strover, FRCS

Arthroscopy - The importance of method

  • Informed consent
  • Procedures just before the anaesthesia
  • Use of a tourniquet

Arthroscopy - Instrumentation

  • Arthroscopy setup
  • The arthroscope
  • The blunt probe
  • Expanding the knee cavity

Arthroscopy - Anatomy

Arthroscopy - That critical first portal

  • Marking the portals
  • Identifying the notch

Arthroscopy - Progressing to two hands


Arthroscopy - A system of examination from the standard portals


Arthroscopy - Plicae


Arthroscopy - The value of the suprapatellar portal

Arthroscopy - Commonly missed problems


Updated: 10 Apr, 2013
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