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Video presentations (Part 2 of a course on Biologic Knee Replacement)

Dr Kevin Stone explains via video the procedures that he uses in biologic knee replacement.

Video - The paste graft technique

  • This is a short and simple explanation of the anatomy of the knee in relation to paste grafting, and a brief explanation of the technique and rationale behind it.

Video - Meniscus cartilage replacement for arthritis

  • Dr Stone uses a model to explain how the meniscus cartilage acts as a shock absorber for the knee, and how its loss can lead to damage to the articular cartilage. He goes on to explain how meniscus cartilage can be replaced to improve knee function and slow the arthritic process.

Video - Lateral meniscus allograft transplantation

  • Live operation with commentary - the explanations may be a bit too 'medspeak' for you, but the procedure is likely to be of interest to anyone considering a meniscal allograft.

Videos 4 and 5 - Knee Dislocation: ACL & PCL Reconstruction / Reconstruction of posterolateral corner

  • Again these two videos are of live procedures. They were prepared with doctors in mind and the 'medspeak' may be a bit complex and the procedures shown are not for the faint-hearted.
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Updated: 10 Aug, 2013
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