Conference room at hss

The New York Hospital for Special Surgery is renowned amongst the global orthopaedic community as a centre of excellence for specialist training, research and patient care. It is fully independent and governed by a board of Trustees. Many famous surgeons have trained, worked and instructed here.

The hospital is an elegant 9-storey building on the banks of the East River on the east side of mid-Manhattan in New York, close to many famous shops and museums.

The building is in three sections, representing the three core elements of HSS - the hospital section, the research section and the Belaire section for international visitors.

View of the east river from one of the waiting rooms


HSS is famous for the quality of its research, both for general knee disorders and rheumatoid conditions. It runs a very busy fellowship programme training surgeons to become experts in their chosen field.

HSS's international reputation extends also to patient care, and the hospital takes great pride in providing for the needs of the thousands of patients who fly to HSS from all over the world to consult with the specialists here. The Belaire centre is primarily geared to provide assistance for these international patients via its International Centre.

Patients and family visiting from afar can be accommodated in the Belaire Center's comfortable but affordable suites, or the staff will find alternative accommodation according to budget.

The Belaire Center and hospital are linked by a walkway, which makes it very easy for patients and their family to attend the hospital but never feel far from their temporary home.

The International Centre team deal with all aspects on an international patient's visit, putting together a package of estimated costs, including all components of the hospital and doctors' fees, the semi-private room, medications and rehabilitation costs. They offer several languages. Services also include transport from the airport, arranging accommodation for accompanying relatives, making appointments, and help with claiming from insurance companies. They do their best to ensure the shortest possible period between consultation and surgery, in order to minimise accommodation costs. A dietician from the nutrition department will discuss with patients any special nutritional needs. There is also a restaurant for relatives.

The International Centre will also quote for obtaining an opinion on your existing medical records and X-rays. They have a bank of translators to assist with communication.