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One of those days....

Jun 25, 2012 - Comments: 0

You know those days where it starts off with so much promise and ends with you wanting to cry your eyes out or really lay into a punching bag for no apparent reason??

Mine's kinda been like that.....
Firstly, the good GP believes my chest infection is clearing up very nicely, and is confident next week I'll be cleared for my LR surgery. YAY!!! Huge boost to my confidence, as it's taken a few...

The risk of a shopping excursion....

Jun 24, 2012 - Comments: 0

Well, tomorrow is going to be a BIG to see my GP to undergo a test to see if my body has recovered from a recent chest infection, then my excursion begins! 

I really must require to have my head's the first day of the school holidays here and I'm heading out to go shopping with my daughter! 
Thankfully, I've been resting today, so fingers crossed tomorrow will be a good day and my...

One patient, loving and understanding partner.....

Jun 24, 2012 - Comments: 0

I am blessed to have a very long suffering, loving, patient and very understanding partner to stand (no pun intended) by me during all my ups and downs (again, no pun intended!) 

It's just there are moments, like right now, where I wish he'd be the strong, silent type of partner instead!!!
After another night with some travelling knees, lack of sleep (still consider this to be over rated) and watching episodes of the Addams Family,  I've finally awoken to a difficult day with cooler weather, a chance of rain and little to no movement...yet!! I'm waiting for my legs to...

The Agony & the Ecstasy of owning a Travelling Knee (or two)

Jun 23, 2012 - Comments: 0

I don't like to complain, and I try not to complain.....but moments like these, you need more than just Minties!! 

It's looking like another awesome, sleepless night, as my "Travelling Knee" (my personal nickname for the situation) has decided to go slip sliding away (thanks Paul Simon for such a brilliant song btw!) 
As I said at the start, I don't like to complain......honestly I don't!!! There are days though when I feel that's all I am doing......little wonder my man picks on my sometimes in an attempt to lighten my mood.

Poor rehabilitation from a TTT/TTO with MPFL Reconstruction

May 18, 2012 - Comments: 0

I am looking to see if anyone has had a TTT to cure patela alta at the same time as having an MPFL reconstruction.

The reason I ask...

Post op pain after TKa

Nov 01, 2011 - Comments: 0


I am new to this forum and have not spent much time on any type of blog entry etc- any suggestions welcome- it may be I should be just participating in another established board.

I had a right total knee last Wednesday and am at home now. I am 57 and was a runner for 35 years- when 2 arthroscopic proceedures only made swelling and pain worse this was my only option.

I think things are medically going well. My problem is pain relief- I had a...



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