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Osteochondral grafts - Autograft or allograft?

Jun 22, 2007 - Comments: 0

OATS and mosaicplasty are properly called 'osteochondral grafts'. The word 'osteochondral' means that the grafts contain both bone and...

Microfracture - rehabilitation issues

Jun 22, 2007 - Comments: 0

Microfracture, despite being a very simple surgical procedure to perform, requires a demanding...

Cartilage repair - ACI and MACI

Jun 22, 2007 - Comments: 0

Both of these techniques involve taking a small amount of healthy cartilage from the patient, sending it to a laboratory to be grown as a tissue culture and then returned to the patient for implant.


The Kneecap Muddle - how are we going to resolve it?

Jun 20, 2006 - Comments: 0

The medical profession is in a muddle when it comes to the kneecap. We all agree that the medical word for 'kneecap'is 'patella', but there is a great deal of confusion about many of the other words used to discuss ...

How does acupuncture work?

Jun 20, 2006 - Comments: 0

The Chinese explanation of how this ancient needling treatment works fits uncomfortably in the western psyche. The traditional explanation is that bodily health depends on the smooth flow of vital energy ('qi') around the body, the qi flowing along 14 narrow channels or meridiens.

A blockage in the flow of qi, it is explained, can cause dysfunction or disease, and 'needling' a small hole through the skin on a meridien line can release the blockage, allowing the restoration of natural flow - with consequent healing.

Westerners are natural sceptics. They want to see these...



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