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2011 - MACI - a new era?

30 Oct, 2011

This is the editor's 'interpretation' of a 2011 publication in the medical journals that gives an overview of cartilage injury, a brief description of current treatment options and outcomes, and a discussion of principles and techniques of MACI.


2009 - Increased failure rate of autologous chondrocyte implantation after previous treatment with marrow stimulation techniques

17 Jul, 2011

This is the editor's interpretation of a 2009 medical publication outlining a study that was undertaken by a team from the Cartilage Repair Center at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts in 2009.


2007 - Functional Problems and Arthrofibrosis Following Total Knee Arthroplasty

06 Feb, 2009

An 'interpretation' of an article from 2007 discussing problem that interfere with joint function after knee replacement.


The management of patients with painful total knee replacement

05 Feb, 2009

Toms AD, Mandalia V, Haigh R and Hopwood, B. The management of patients with painful total knee replacement. J Bone Joint Surg. 2009;91-B:143-150.

This is the editor's interpretation of the above review published in the...


2008 - Comparison of the Collagen Meniscus Implant with Partial Meniscectomy.

21 Jul, 2008

An 'interpretation' of a 2008 paper looking at whether the use of a collagen meniscus is valuable after meniscus injury. The conclusion was there there was some likely benefit in patients who had had a previous meniscectomy but not in patients who had just torn their meniscus.


2004 - Tissue engineering of the meniscus

20 Jul, 2008

An 'interpretation' of an article from 2004 discussing the concepts of re-growing a meniscus from scaffolds and stem cells.


IKDC or KOOS? - online research by Dr Karen Hambly

26 Jun, 2008

This author has approached the KNEEguru bulletin board members and elicited their co-operation in evaluating two scoring systems widely used by orthopaedic surgeons and researchers. Her objective was to ask the people who had had a...


2005 - Arthrofibrosis: Evaluation, Prevention, and Treatment.

21 Mar, 2008

An 'interpretation' of a medical publication from 2005 where the authors offer surgeons a list of practical advice about arthrofibrosis of the knee.


Keen Quest shock-absorbing cane and Tornado crutch tips

15 Mar, 2008
Image of Quest Quad Shock-Absorbing Cane - Black

Jaci has been researching shock-absorbing canes and crutches as they reduce some of the stress on the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, upper back for people who need a cane for a long period of time. She would like to recommend the Keen Quest shock-absorbing cane.

Jaci also recommends Tornado crutch tips.




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